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Swooosh! [Jul. 9th, 2004|05:08 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Come Dig Me Out By Kelly Osbourne]

Ok well.. let me see what happened today.. nothing really.. Kel and I went in the pool and everything.. i screamed that there was a bug. and Kelly made a really funny face once again.. oh man oh man... Later on after work.. my mom and i went out to dinner and all.. it was great! My mom doesnt mind me going to go with Ken and all.. YAY! *smiles* Well i got home late once again.. but this time i didnt have to eat or anything! But i watched the rest of Summerland that i taped.. which was really good!

Well let me see what happened today.. well i actually had the guts to head over to the shop and talk to Ken... Well when i went next door Rocky was like.. you looking for Ken and i was like .. Yea? and they were like ohh he went to go and pick up some parts. Well ok he must talk to the other guys about me.. which is really weird i think. well i decided that i will go out with him Thursday.

So of course i didnt see him.. well i know that they go out and have a reak at 1:30.. well i tryed looking for him.. but i didnt see him.. and then Stanely Streamer showed up and i was like.. wait i will go outside and help them in.. there Rocky told Ken that i was out there.. and Ken decided to sits on the edge of the wood.. awww.. and i was like.. i want to go over.. but of course the time i went back out.. he went back to work and all.. grrr.

Well then i gots to have lunch and all.. ohh yeah did i mention that i wasnt feeling well this morning and all.. and Louis got breakfast and then out of all the places that there is to sit in the house.. he decides to move the chair closer to me and startes to eat.. well i was like.. o..k.. well i think i am going up and outside.. and also i got a call from Raymond.. of course didnt leave me a message or anything.. but i got a call from him and all.. i wonder what he wanted.. ohh well.. all i have had on my mind for days is Ken .. Ken.. and Ken.. you know like barbie and Ken.. but i dont really have blonde hair and all. but anywayz.. Joey's BBQ is tom.. it is going to be a blast.. wooo hooo!! ok then talk to you all laterz bye!
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::Giggles:: [Jul. 8th, 2004|03:26 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Shut Up By Kelly Osbourne]

Today was good.. nothing really happened.. I told Ken that I would meet him in the morning and he was looking for me.. but we had to drive all over the place to look for a spot! Sigh.. I wonder how old he is.. I need to find that out..i am thinking around 23.. but I can be wrong.. hopefully he is not any older! Lol.. anywayz.. I saw him looking for me and all. But of course I missed him! dammit

Now I am just working and all! Just finished filing a whole bunch of shit and all.. ack I hate that.. but off well.. of then .. I am going to go.. me and Kelly are hanging out again.. hopefully she actually shows up at 3:30..but then again I don’t mind going to get here.. since I get to past the auto Boduy :smiles: anywayz.. I gotta go get back to work.. talk to you all laterz
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A Very Very Very Good Day! [Jul. 7th, 2004|03:10 pm]
[mood |happyExcited, Suprised,]
[music |Not listening to music.. thinking about Ken!]

Ok well today was a very busy day here… ok this is what happened. Well as soon as I gots into work I was working my ass off!! Well Joey’s Party is coming up so we are working. As soon as I got in I was cutting pepers and cooking sausages. After I went outside on the very hot day and vacuumed the pool since Kel was coming over. After that I decided for breakfast I was goin g to have some sausages, which were really good! Then I did the ribs.. which was the fun part.. don’t know why but it was. Then it was dessert time.. COOKIES! Yummy.. my favorite.. I had about 10 cookies.. and was about to get sick to my stomach. So my whole morning was filled with cooking.. which I don’t mind.

Party Time came to drop off chairs for the party.. well I gave a guy the 10 dollar tip and he was stilsll standing there.. and then I closed the door.. well then he rang the bell and was like.. ohh you paid the guy the money that you owe and I was like.. ohh ( sigh I forgot about that.. how was I supposed to know) and I was like.. yeah I am getting that.. I hate to run in the house.. and have my grandfather make a check since we don’t have any cash anywhere! Lol.. sigh.. welli was standing outside while they were taking the stuff out of the truck and I got to see Glene and Rocky but not Ken! Grrr..

At 3:30 I went to pick up Kel, well I saw her walking down the street and she saw me but I sat behinf a truck and waited until she past and then snuck behing her and jumped on her shoulder snad screamed.. it was so funny! Kel was so shocked! And she made this really funny face! Lol good job Kel. Well then we headed into the pool, which was great! We huing out there and all, the gardeners were there when we were gonna head out of the pool.. and they were calling us Mamasita’s and all. Sigh so funny, hey what can I say we probley gave them enough excitement to last a year! Lol.

When I was walking Kel home, we gots to see Ken (well I used to call him Kevin, but found out that his name is Ken) Well Mitch was in front of us and said Hi to Ken and then he saw me and he was like her, what is up , I haven’t seen you in weekd! Wherer have you been? And I was lkike hanging around and really busy!! So then he introducedhimselfg to Kellu and that is how I found out what his name was really! Well he felt weird talking infront of Kelly so he asked me to step to ther side! That is where the good shit happened!!!

Ken: Remember I asked you the last time I saw you.. we have to talk.

Me: Yea, man was that a long time ago!

Ken: Well I was thinking maybe you can pick a day and I will take you to go and get some Pizza and we can talk.

Me: That sounds like I good plan.. I haven’t seen you in a long time.. I when I look for you.. everyone else in the place turns around except for you!

Ken: Yea I see you in the morning but you are out there with your mom and it feels so funny. So I don’t go over there and even in front of your friend it is weird!

Me: No I totally understand you and know where you are coming from.. the same thing happens with me when you are working and infront of your friends.

Ken: Well great just stop off or wait by my car and tell me the day you wanna go! It sounds like a great plan!

Me: Well maybe I will come over tom morning and we can chill together during your break! And yes I would like that plan!

I was likei have a cell phone and if you want I would be more then happy He kept on asking me when he was going to see me again and all. And he wanted me to tell him a few days before we want to meet so he can shave and all and look good.. then I told him he looks good no matter what.. ohh and I told him I past my road test.. and he was like I knew you were going to go it.. you have a good head on your shoulders!

Well then the best thing happened after we made the plans.. he was that sounds great.. and leaned in and kissed me on my cheek.. it was so great.. you can feel his hot bread against my face and everything.. omg I wasnted to melt or something! Aww I love him! I was really shocked about the kiss and all.. so is this a date or something.. ack I don’t know.. but I am SOO going! Woo hoo!

Well we said good bye and I told him I would meet him tom morning! So I went ot talk to Kelly and I was so shocked. She was like Wow I almost thought you guys were going out or something.. lol.. only you think that kel.. I wish! Lol. Well after he turned the car around that hunked the horn.. aww I heart him!

Later on.. my mom and I went to green acres.. and we decided to split up and all.. well they were closing 10 minutes from when we split up.. and then when we both got out og the store.. Sears closed the mall entrence meaning that my mom couldn’t get out.. so then we where running all over the mall and we finally found each other.. then she relized that she lost her bag in Sears.. so I had to beg the guy to let me back in.. and he was so nice! He helped me look and so did other people.

After that I went home watched some Law and order and chilled out it was great! Ack .. such a nice day! Aww ken, we love you! Lol there is so much to the conversationg but I can only put in so much.. or rememeber the main stuff and all.,.. but it was great! Except when my mom and I lost each other at Green Acres! Lol.. but everything was really good.. *smiles* ack… ok then.. I guess I am heading out and going to go and see if Ken has his lunch break yet. :smiles: well then talk to you all later bye!
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You Think You Know Me? [Jul. 6th, 2004|04:49 pm]
[mood |lazylazy]
[music |Drain the Blood By The Distillers]

Well nothing really happened today.. me and Kelly were suposed to hang out today.. but instead we pushed it for tom.. which is fine.. and evern better for me! Lets see...

As soon as i came in this morning.. everyone had a fucking bitch attitude today.. which i hate.. because it gets me in a bad mood!!! But then thank god he left.. and now i have just been chillin out the rest of the day.. which is good.. now i gotta go outside and vacume the fucking pool.. i dont see why i have too.. when first off: I am not going in it.. and second off: for Joey's party.. come on i did everything else.. damn basterds!! Well then on this note i am heading out.. talk to you all later bYe.

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Wacka Wacka Wacka [Jul. 6th, 2004|04:06 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Drain The Blood By The Distillers]

Ok.. well i havent wrote in this for like ever! But that is because i didnt have to go to work.. and that is a good thing and all.. so here is how i chilled out!

Friday: Well of course it rained.. and i wanted to go and bike ride.. and of course it rained.. sigh.. well instead i went to Roosevelt Field Mall.. which was so great! I gots to head to Hot Topic.. which was so great.. because I got a whole bunch of shirts.. it was so great!! Well then we just went and went to a few stores over there.. it was great!

Saturday: Well ok in the morning… we did some shopping and then we headed out to dinner.. which was so great.. yummy! Chinese Food.. after that we went to Parrots Of The World and saw this really cute cat.. aww it was so adorable.. I wanted it. After I went to CD Island.. woo hoo.. cds .. YaY!

Later on then Andria’s parents got tickets to this firework show.. which was so great! Well we got there around 6:00. And it was really crowded.. well after we got out of the car they had really cool Hot Air Ballons.. all around.. they even had one of the barn and a fish.. it was cool! Well me and Andria went to go and play with the kick ass beach ball.. aww it was fucking great.. we were hitting everyone in the head.. and the ball was flying all over the place.. ack so great!

Well later on.. .they finally had the fireworks it was so great! They had so many.. and they were so close.. I forgots how much I like fireworks!!! Well then had this cool one.. that exploded and then looked like a parachette… it was so great.. and then there was another one that was a firework and exploded into another firework,.. and they had ones that said USA and everything very good.. and the music was cool that went with it.. well it ended about 10… which wasn’t that bad.. dark wasn’t the word.. pitch black.. ack.. we couldn’t see anything.. but it was really fun!

Sunday: JULY4th … it was pretty good.. in the morning I chilled out and everything.. of course we went to Debbie’s house and showed up late of course! Well it was really nice over there.. Joe didn’t annoy the shit out of me.. which was the good thing, he had a little friend of his there. Well Nicole who is about 7 wanted me to go in the pool.. which I did.. which was really great!

Well Vanessa who is my age.. but is disable needed to get out of the pool… and I was trying to help her.. but she weighs a lot. So I needed help to get her out.. so Tom.. who is 18 and is in his second year of college which was really nice… helped me and he was like Vanessa this is as bad as an experience as it is for me.. lol he was so funny..well none of us could get her out.. so Joe had to jump in.. and get her out. Then we finally gots to eat.. yummy!! It was so great! I think I am going to make Hamburgers tonight.

Well after that I headed back in the pool and was just chilling out and everything.. it was good.. Tom and his brother Branadon were in the pool too.. and I was sitting on the edge of the pool as I hear Branadon goes to Tom “ Do You like her?” and Tom was like umm what are you talking about? And Branadon was like “ I see you looking at her in the way that you like girls” well they didn’t think I was listening.. but I was ready to laugh out loud.. sigh.. it was so funny.. then I looked over there.. and he hit is brother to shut him up.. so funny!

Well it was really nice! I usually am really bored and everything but not really today… it was great.. there were fireworks going on all over the place to which was really nice. Well we got home about 1:30 in the morning and then I went home and watched a movie and went to bed about 3: 45.

Monday: Well I had off from work.. which was great! Well of course.. when It came to finding a bathing suit yesterday… that was a big experience. Well I bought about 5.. and not one fitted.. sigh… so today I went to go and get a bathing suit.. well I gots one.. but it took all day.. sigh.. I am such a picky person! Lol… well anywayz.. I gots one.. I missed Raw too which really suxed dammit.. but everything was cool today.. it was nice to have to day off and all!! So great!
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Muhahahahaha [Jul. 2nd, 2004|02:58 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Maps By Yeah Yeah Yeahs]

Hey all.. what is up.. i have been busy reading journals.. and getting ready to open the pool.. i am alos helping a friend with his info page.. which is fun!! i enjoy it.. ok anywayz.. everyone wants to go to see White Chicks today.. but since it is the last min plans i dont think i am going to go. I want to head to CD Island and go and get a couple of cds that they finally got in stock which is great!

Ok well nothing really is happening now.. i am just chilling out.. Kelly called me last night and of course i didnt pick up the phone.. sorry Kelly.. adn sorry about waking you up really early!!

Well nothing is really going on.. just working and that is about it.. working working working.. what did i do last night.. ohh yeah i gots to drive to bjs.. and then i went to fye and all.. that was good...nothing really else happened went home and watched some Smackdown.. which was the best segment between the new dude and John Cena.. so funny..

Well now i am talking to Nicole.. who wants me to go tonight and keeps on bugging me about it.. ack thinking of cd island.. i gotta go see .. if that band that i met.. came up with another places that they will be playing out.. ack so great.. but anywayz.. i am also talking to timmy and that is about it.. sigh.. so freaky Timmy tells me to guess a song that he is listening to on his cpu.. and i guess.. Maps.. by Yeah Yeah Yeahs and i was correct.. now that is freaky!! ok then.. i am going to get back to what i was doing.. i might up date later on..



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Chuckle Chuckle Chuckle [Jul. 1st, 2004|05:10 pm]
[mood |artisticartistic]
[music |Float On By Modest Mouse]

Hey... ok nothing really happened today.. it was cool.. One of the workers didn come in.. so that meant that me and my mom had the whole downstairs wooo hooo!! Last night i gots to drive to Green Acres which was kick ass awsome.. and then i went to Walmart seeing if they had a radio that i wanted or something.. and there i met this girl who i met in Freeport.. she is so nice.. she is from FLorida and all .. and she was there with her boyfriend Jon.. she was really nice.. we were talking and everything.

Well today nothing happened today or anything. umm let me see.. i am trying to think.. ohh yea i was suposed to be hanging with Raymond.. but of course.. he is undependable like every other guy in this world and didn show up.. so i decided to go to work. Well it is one more step closer to getting to pool up with is great and all.. i cant wait!!

Nothing really happened though.. just hanged around.. blasted the radio in the backyard so that everyone could hear the greatness in of the music.. but wayz i had to clean the pool.. with the damn bathing suit from yesturday.

Ok well now i am filling out a bunch of suveys that people put on there journals and all.. i am also talking to Timmy and he told me that i could fix his info page.. ack.. that is so great ..i am so glad that he trust me with his pw and everything.. aww thanks ok.. well it is going to take me a couple of days though.. hope you dont mind!! Ok then.. i will talk to everyone tom.. bye byez!
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Lookie Here! [Jun. 30th, 2004|06:01 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Breaking A Habit By Linkin Park]

Well the last one didnt really work.. but ohh well....

Stolen from Lostsoulz16

would you....*

love me:
hate me:
betray me:
have sex with me:
beat me up:
cherish me:
destroy me:
kill me:
kiss me:
but me stuff:
ignore me:

do u like my....*

lipstick color:
hair color:

if i asked u to would u....*

hurt me:
love me:
rape me:
buy stuff:
kiss me:
change for me:

do u like me....*

a whole lot:
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*Confused* [Jun. 30th, 2004|04:46 pm]
[mood |confusedconfused]
[music |Float On By Modest Mouse]

Well today was a very adventure's day.. here is what happened.....

Well of course.. i am trying to get the pool up and going and everything... so before we do that i have to vacum it. Well.. of course.. i had none of my bathing suits here.. only one that didnt fit.. so i had to use that since i didnt want to get my shirt wet.. well of course the bathing suit top was waaay to small, and i was popping out. Well of course.. there i was leaning on the side of the pool trying to put everything in.. when my friend decides to come in the back of the pool.. well i got up really quick... and tryed fixing the top.. but it was to small to cover everything up.. so there i was my back towards him and talking to him while looking over my shoulder.. well of course he didnt move or anything.. sigh.. dont he know when someone is trying to get ride of him?? lol.. well after that.. i went inside and called Raymond.. since he called me before.. well me and him talked alittle and then i had to go because everyone was down stairs and all.

Well then i decided to saftey pin the bathing suit together.. trying to close it so you can see less.. well that kind of worked.. and i went back out there.. to add chemicals and brush the bottom of the pool. Well as i was out there with white weird shorts and a nice pined falling out top of bathing suit.. this guy who works with us.. Louis decides to go out there.. and as me a 1000 questions as i was standing there doing my own thing and feeling viloated 101 ways there.. sigh.. well after that he finally left.. thank god.. After i did some work inside and everything and then called Raymond at 2:00 but he wasnt there and his brother picked up the phone.. they sound just alike..

Then after that i went back outside to look at the phone when i see Maria running to me and my mom holding my phone saying that is was ringing 3 times already.. it was Raymond!! Well then i went inside to call him.. and we were talking and everything.. aww he blowed me a kiss he is so sweet and we were talking of what kind of girl i and and everything.. it is so great. Well then Maria was talking to him alittle.. and of course she had to ask the question "are you guys going out" and i was like shut up! Well Ray was like umm no.. and then we talked and he was like ohh my family is like always when are you going to get a girlfriend?? and i was like ohh i thought you had a girlfriend.. so i dont really know what is going on over there? I think he is not telling me the truth and i dont know why? Well then we hung up.. we are planing to meet each other tom.. and he told me that he might be free Sunday.. so maybe we can hang out or something.. it would be great!

Well then he called me back.. and he was like.. you know what? We ending the conversation way too soon!! and then we started to talk on where we left off and everything which was great.. well afterwards we were about to say a long goodbye.. and then he blowed me a kiss goodbye and then he was like " I love you" Well.. now i dont know what to believe or anything.. did he mean that.. has he been lieing on everything that he has been telling me and everything. i dont really know.. i am really confused about this... 'I love you' .. grrr.. what does this mean?? And of course the song taht was playing in the background was Broken by Amy Lee and Seether.. it was on k-Rock... Grr... well i dont if this will change tom plans.. but i dont think he will show up.. he is going to call me tonight.. but i dont know if he will.. i dont know.. grr .. i am so confused

Right now i am watching tv and listening to the radio and looking at the internet.. man so many things at one time.. lol.. but it is all good... well then i am going to go and read some journals.. gotta blast and talk to you later!!!

Some Pics For Your Pleasure:

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Why Him? [Jun. 29th, 2004|04:20 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Headstrong By Trapt]

Ok well today wasnt to bad.. it was pretty good except the middle of the day.. the morning was good.. except when Joe decided to bring his little friends to the office. Well i was working and everything and then the door bell rang, and Mike went to open the door.. now i didnt get to see who was at the door because i was handling the phone and an alarm. Well they came down stairs.. and i still didnt look back until Debbie was like ohh Joe and who is this? And he is like this is my friend Borris. Well i was like.. omg.. i hope that there is another Borris in this town. Well i wasnt going to turn around.. cause i figured out that it was him.. and come on Debbie wont introduce his friends to me. Well of course the 1st time ever.. she was like nice to meet you Borris... and then introduced me.. Well i was like.. screw it i am going to pretend i was on the phone.. he wont really know my name.. just my face. Well Joe's g/f asked my mom wear i got my shirt.. so right after the girl hung up on the phone. And Jessica was like wear did you get you shirt.. and i was like ummmm *turns around* i think Hot Topic and she was like ohh really? And i was like Yea. Then Debbie was like.. ohh Borris and that is Courtney. Well i wanted to like crawl under the desk. Well all Borris did was have this big smile on his face, and was like.. "Yea we met before"... grr out of all the people Joe has to bring home.. it had to be Borris.. damnit. My mom was like as soon as i heard that name all i could do was look at you. Because she knows our past history.. anywayz.. that was it.. sigh

After when i gots home i watched the show SummerLand.. ack what a hott Ryan!!! LoL.. and let me see what else ohh i went bike riding.. And yestruday morning it gots to talk to Ray which was awsome.. well it has been so hott in my house that i havent been eathing dinner for like the last 3 days.. ewww.. i couldnt.. its too icky out. Anywayz.. i gotta go talk to ya all laterz bye!
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