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Joey's BBQ - Twisted Minds Never Think Alike [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Joey's BBQ [Jul. 11th, 2004|04:50 pm]
[mood |amusedamused]
[music |Drain The Blood by The Distillers]

Saturday: Joey's BBQ Today! Well i didnt get there until 2:30 and then Kelly came. It was really fun. Ray (some guy who was really hott!! that reminded me of Matt from Tough Enough 3) aww he was so cute! Well Ray was fighting in the pool with this other guy. Ohh man! they were so wasted it was so funny! The food was really good. Kel and I played volleyball together, then we gained a 4 year old member but man was he abusive so we quite. But later on I teamed up with hoe and Kel teamed up with Maria and we played Volleyball! The around 10 at night Kelly, joe and I decided to head into the beer infested pool.. from Kel’s experience she said that it didn’t taste like beer.. sigh kelly. Joe left the pool because it got cold and we stayed in longer. Then we walked kel home since it was so nice out and that was about 11 and there we met up with her mom! Kelly it would have been really funny if you chased after that car! Lol and by the way Kelly you look really good for 75 years old.. oh man oh man.. I hope I look that good when I reach that age!

I got home about 12ish because I need to get the New York post since Courtney Love was on the front cover. Then I went and stayed up until 3 watching tv.. rock on!

Sunday: My grandfather’s birthday was today! This was cool, forgot all about it and had to run to Kohl’s to pick up a shirt. At 4:00 they had a BBQ which was really good, it was cold out though. But it was cool because I kind of didn’t want to. Since Joe and Tom were in it. But it was good, I hung out and got eaten by bugs. Sighfor dessert I got to sit on the big chair and a looked on the floor for one seconds and all of a sudden I felt someone sitting on my lap. Sigh of course it was Joey! There weren’t enough chairs so I had to share. But it is cool. When I got home about 11 and gots to watch a movie.. Raymond called me and I forgot to call him back!

Friday Night: Ok well since Joey’s party was Saturday my mom and I decided that we would stay and help set up. Well we had dinner first and then we set up all 60 chairs and all the tables. After that we had to go and run to get some stuff from bjs. Well, of course lil Joe was with us and well him and all his hugging does drive me crazy! But it is better than him being nasty! Well after that we got home around 11:30 then Louis and Jonanthan showed up after all the work was done. I got home about 12ish.. which was great.. and I was wide awake.. so great!

[User Picture]From: lbchan
2004-07-14 03:56 pm (UTC)
I know, I'm the hottest grandma you've ever meet. lol We did have so much fun Saturday. ^_^

Stay Frosty!
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[User Picture]From: chillinpunkgrl
2004-07-15 12:21 pm (UTC)
Yes i must agree!! I was soo
great!! Man ohh Man
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