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Stupid Rain! - Twisted Minds Never Think Alike [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Stupid Rain! [Jul. 13th, 2004|04:56 pm]
[mood |weirdweird]
[music |Someone Told Me By Killers]

Well since it is raining.. that means i dont walk to places, or hang out or anything.. sigh.. which means i didnt get a chance to talk to Ken yet! Sigh.. it is killing me! I gots to see him today though.. well through a window.. and he was jumping in the car with Rocky.. hmm wonder were they went! lol

Last night.. i finally went to go and gets a scanner.. or course it was back ordered.. and i am not really into knowing the high speed best shit and crap like that.. but i hope it works good.. should be getting it monday too! then i can finally post all my personal photos in it and all.. the only thing is that if anyone wants to use it they will just have to tell me! But it is cool!

Watched Raw last night!! You go Lita! I loved how she told Kane of damn basterd! It was good last night.. hated what fucking Evolution did to Eugene.. little fuckers! but Lita was good!

Hmm.. gots to work today! sounds like fun huh? People were in another bitch mood well at the end of the day.. damn i am telling you.. they are all like light switches over here.. nice one min.. and nasty little bitches the next! Anywayz! I am going home! finally and getting away from this hell hole!

Hope is so happen to bump into Ken! But of course that wont happen.. i was going to tell him that i wanted to hang out Thursday but that doesnt give him enough time or anything.. maybe i will tell him Tuesday nxt week.. ack.. i cant wait though..i will be so nervouse that i wont even fucking eat but i know i will talk ALOT! lol.. anywayz.. i am bouncing! (ack Jon language again) talk to you all laterz bYe!